Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little things done

Last week, I made an effort to sew at least an hour each night. Even on the nights when I had a Guild meeting and a holiday office party I still got an hour in.

I finished my Christmas hunks pillowcases.


Using the instructions from the Oven Mitt pattern for the bias tape binding, I figured out a much easier way to bind the fruit place mats that I put together. Here are 2, but I finished the third about a half hour ago. Much easier to machine stitch it all down than to try and hand sew every one of them when I will have 13 total to do.


Friday, I quilted! More on that in a separate post. And Saturday, I worked on a few things. A take along bag, a thread catcher and a travel case. All 3 made with less than 3/4 yards of each fabric!


Then, I made this Stitchin' Chix bag for a holiday party last night. I almost wish that I had brought it back home with me! But I have more cut out! The bag was pretty well received and it would have been better had it not been for Barb and her blasted home made Snuggie! (Holla!!!)


Today, I spent some time holding Max - his back is bothering him today - and burying threads in the comfort quilt, ripping some stitches out and crocheting a little. I have been pretty productive!


Kelly Ann said...

What a great hour a day of I just need to find that hour...

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a productive week!

zarina said...

When I was doing my Master's, I forced myself to sit at the table everynight for at least one hour. There are times when I did not get anything done. Out of sheer habit, it became a routine and I did get my work/study done on time. I guess we can do that for our sewing provided I don't have any little people staying over like last night.

Reenie said...

Yay for you!! All the things turned out wonderfully. Keep it up!!

Babs said...

Don't hate the snuggie ;)

Love the lemons btw!

Michelle said...

Busy Girl! I think Max and I have the same problem, but mine is in my neck. It's the weather.
Have a great week!

Regina said...

busy busy busy!
looks great!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow so productive!! I got nothing done! I guess I shouldn't have tried to cure bronchitis thinking it was a cold.. I should have known when I wasn't the usual stuffed up.. Ugh