Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monthly Accomplishments - August 2010

What a month!!! I know that I got a lot done this month and I can't see how it shapes up in the list!
  1. I was able to finish sewing all of my hand made items for the last of the giveaways - 4 tool caddies, 2 take along bags, 1 Stitch 'N Chix bag and 2 thread catchers
  2. Had another sew in day with the Girlzzz and finished my last Stitch 'N Chix bag from the giveaway items!
  3. Got the borders on my Jitterbug quilt to make a finished top!
  4. Made a pieced backing for the Jitterbug quilt
  5. Bought replacement squeakers and fixed some dog toys
  6. Quilted 2 charity quilts for my Guild
  7. Quilted a panto on a Project Linus quilt to practice
  8. Prepped fabric for a bunch more charity quilts for Project Linus
  9. Finished sewing my Bento Box blocks
  10. Sewed a smaller Project Linus quilt with a panto to practice
  11. Finished sewing my 17 strip sets for my neighbor's quilt and cut them into blocks
  12. One last charity quilt quilted
  13. Quilted a Christmas UFO
  14. Loaded my SIS quilt onto the frame and started quilting it with the Popcorn panto
  15. Made good progress on my afghan - no pics
  16. Made some progress on my sweater back
  17. Made pretty good progress on my second purple sock - this one could be done by the end of September!
  18. I also helped clean up the yards after my neighbor cut down some branches in the back and pulled out a couple of bushes in the front of my condo.
  19. Printed all of the Super Secret Quilt blocks. Woo hoo!! (Thanks for the reminder, Barb!)
This was a great month for books, too. Quite a change from the 4 in July!
  1. The Telling by Beverly Lewis - This was a nice wrap up to the series. I do enjoy Beverly Lewis' books!
  2. Testimony by Anita Shreve - A long time ago, I loved reading Shreve's books. I even have one that was autographed by her. I don't know if she tries to pick controversial topics to try and be shocking or to try and keep up with the times. And there is usually always a death in her books. I was just a little shocked about the death in this book. I must say that while some of the story was a little off, I was kept guessing throughout the entire book.
  3. Comfort Foods by Kate Jacobs - LOVED this book. It was a bit different from the Friday Night Knitting Club books, but I enjoyed the new characters and the story. And the tension between the characters. A great read!!
  4. Whiter Than Snow by Sandra Dallas - I need to post a separate review of this book. I will work on that this week and get it done by the end of the week.
  5. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks - It is almost my turn to get the DVD from the library and I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie. When I read Dear John, I was really excited to watch the movie and I was very disappointed in the movie. This book was awesome and I have a feeling that the movie will be pretty good as well.
  6. Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen - Very exciting! Lots of twists and turns! And based in November and December in Colorado or Idaho so there was a lot of snow and freezing talk. It was almost enough to drop the temperature in the rooms I was in! And on a side note, I finally got around to watching a couple of episodes of "Rizzoli & Isles" from TNT that is based on Gerritsen's series... Great show! Although, I feel like I know what will happen in some of the episodes that are based on the books. I can't wait to catch up on all of the episodes!
  7. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer - This is a novella that goes along with the Twilight books. It was interesting to read about a different group of vampires that show up in one of the Twilight books and see what they went through before meeting up with the Cullen clan. It was a short book and a very quick read.
And now for my hours. I was a little shocked to see that I hadn't been putting in the time on my sweater like I have for the past couple of months so my knitting hours have really dropped off.

Hours spent - quilting - 61.25; knitting - 7.5; crocheting - 5

I think that Maxie is a tad impressed!



elizabeth said...


Winona said...

Wow Jill! You did accomplish a lot in August. You are way ahead of me. LOL Keep up the good work. Winona

Babs said...

You forgot!!
#19 - printed all SSQ blocks from EQ7 :)

Hey, that counts for something towards the progress of the quilt. Now we're at the same spot LOL!


Gina said...

What a great list of acomplishments. Well done

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Gina said...
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Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You have been one busy lady! I also enjoy reading books by Beverly Lewis. My DH and I really like Rizzoli & Isles too. I figured it was based on the books by Linda Fairstein.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Wow, another great month. I can't believe you had 60 hours on quilting! You definitely have to get knitting...the colder weather is just around the corner.

Jennifer said...

Great month for you and a lot accomplished! I bet you'll get just as much done this month.