Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Year of the PIGS - January winner

I will be posting the question for tomorrow in this post, but I won't be answering until later tomorrow night. This will give you a few hours to think about your answer. :)

Your challenge for this week is to share with us the main reason(s) why you put PIGS and UFOs to the side. Now be honest! If you can' be honest about why things don't get done, then how can you help prevent them from being pushed aside? :)

Because January focused on PIGS and UFOS and storage, I decided to give away one of the ArtBins that I picked up during the awesome Christmas sales.


The winner gets her choice of the light blue'ish purple or the dark blue'ish purple! lol

And the winner is..... Melinda from CT! Congrats!! You just need to tell me if you want the light or the dark tote and I will get it ready to ship as soon as I find a box that it will fit in. :)


Melinda said...

NO WAY! I've haven't won anything since I was 10 years old and won a bottle of champagne in a game of bingo. ha. Thank you, Jill. I would love the darker blue tote as it will stand out from my clear totes and I'll keep my current working project in it. Thank you so much.

Libby said...

That is a very good question! I will be interested in how everyone answers! I really need to think about my own answer too!

Anonymous said...

Go Melinda! Congrats on being the winner!

Kristie said...

Congrats to Melinda! LOL! I know the answer to this right off, don't even have to think about it! LOL!!!!

Cheryl Willis said...

sorry I can't play, I have never had a UFO or PIG. I do have a few projects that have to age a bit before I can finish them- 20 yrs is about right- right?