Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Review - The Morning Show Murders

I'm thinking about trying out writing separate book reviews instead of having them on my monthly accomplishments. Or maybe in addition to having them on my monthly accomplishments post, but have a separate review to give a little more detail into what I thought. Any thoughts?

On the drive back from Florida, we listened to The Morning Show Murders by Al Roker and Dick Lochte. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Al Roker as the narrator. It definitely made the book easier to listen to!

Chef Blessing owns a restaurant and works on a morning show, Wake Up America, with an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend as his bosses. When the new boyfriend is poisoned with take out containers from Blessing's restaurant, he becomes the prime suspect. Pepper in a little kidnapping, assault, and breaking and entering and sprinkle with a few interesting characters like Cassandra the restaurant manager and Mighty Jo the driver and you end up with a pretty good mystery!

I really enjoyed the Chef Blessing mystery with a bit of humor mixed in. Quite a few of the characters were fairly well developed and I was still guessing Who Dun It at the end when all was revealed. I think that the only downfall was that there were so many characters to keep straight and I was having a hard time keeping up towards the end of the day/middle of the book, but once I was well rested and driving on the second day, it worked out and I was able to follow along better.

If you are looking for a heavy mystery along the lines of Kay Scarpetta, keep looking. But if you want a light mystery with an entertaining way to pass the time, you can't go wrong with this one!


Kristie said...

Al Roker?? Hmmmm...who would have thunk it? :) Sounds like a nice book. I've never listened to an audio book, I guess I am behind the times. LOL! I do enjoy reading the old fashioned books, who knows maybe I will download one soon and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big TV person, so I like to listen to books as I sew, too.

Peg said...

Sounds like a great 'read' - will have to see if I can find that one!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Thank you! I could always use a new book to listen to. Putting it on my library request list.

Tracy said...

I'll have to check this one out...I'd be interested in your reviews. I think we are "on the same page"(sorry for the pun!)in the kind of books we like!