Friday, March 25, 2011

Sew In!!

I have missed the last two Friday Night Sew Ins because I was driving to Florida in February and had a night out with the girls last week. I am designating tonight as my FNSI!! And boy do I have plans!!!
Last night, I made great progress on my Split Decision and on the pressing of the Star Struck blocks. I plan on continuing that momentum tonight and through the weekend. I have lots to get done!
1. Finish practicing new quilt design on the practice quilt on the frame... One of my neighbors was able to fix my remote switch handle so my machine is working again! (WOO HOO for handy neighbors!!!)
2. Load and quilt Andi's quilt. This is what I really want to have done by the end of the weekend.
3. Borders on Split Decision
4. Finish pressing Star Struck. And once I get them pressed, I will decide whether I want to sew the quarters into blocks or put the project away for another time.
5. Piece backing for Regina's quilt and load onto frame. It will be ready for quilting next week and weekend. I just need to have it finished before the Quilt Show.
6. Cut the fabric for the flamingo and Maxine quilts. Need something to bust.
7. Pull fabrics for next set of Midget Blocks.
8. Prepare another donation to Goodwill and drop it off.
9. Taxes
This list will be added to as more things come to mind and I will be working on house things as well to prep for the guests for the Quilt Show, but I hope to be able to mark a few things off the list by Sunday night. And I'm going to try to start getting in at least 15 minutes a day on a quilting, cross stitch or knitting project.
What are your plans for the weekend?


Jennifer said...

I will join you for the FNSI tonight - need to get a binding on my first quarter UFO so I can start stitching it down, and also want to quilt the one I have loaded for my mom. Let's hope we both can get lots done!

Deanna said...

Your lists always amaze me. Particularly becuase you get most of them done every time. What fun it will be to hear your report.

Tracy said...

last on your list is first on mine! Taxes! But on Sunday I do hope to get some sewing or at least cutting done.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Eeek, at first I thought that was just Friday's list. Hope you made progress last night. I plan on sewing (quietly) today!

Anonymous said...

That's one heckova list! I'm dreading the last one... big time