Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Year of the PIGS - 3/23

At the beginning of the month, I thought I had a good idea about what questions I was going to ask this month. Unfortunately, I didn't write down my second question and I am fumbling a little for what was up for today. :(  I think that I just didn't expect some sewing areas to be as well organized as they are. lol

Here is today's question - Is there anything that you can do for or change in your sewing area to encourage your creativity? Something that you saw on someone else's post that you think would work for you? Inspiration that you got from somewhere else?

For me, I know that I need to keep my bedroom side of the room straightened up. When there are clothes and clutter all over the place, I need to get all of that in order before I can really get busy at the ironing board or the sewing machine. Sometimes, there is just too much fabric on my sewing table as well and it really gets in the way and prevents sewing or productivity.

In addition to the cleaning, there area couple of things that I have added that have helped keep things organized. I had no idea that I needed this little 'tool caddy' as much as I have used it and taken to it. Regina sent it to me for Christmas and she must know me too well! lol It has really helped keep all my tools in order and kept that side of my machine clean.


I am now on the lookout for more containers that will help keep things organized with the room change. I have some baskets that will come in handy once they are cleaned out.

The other thing that helps keep me organized is the portable design wall. I couldn't imagine not having it available to me. It keeps blocks that I am working on out of my way and reduces the clutter on my sewing table.


I can't wait to have a full design wall after the room change. I already know which wall it is going to go on!

And once I get the rooms in order, I am going to have to work on the basement where the quilt frame is set up. It definitely needs some order!

Leave your link to your blog post here. You can still go back and answer the last question that is posted here. I will draw a name for the March prize at the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Actually, today's post (not PIGS-related) had a few things that I'm going to do with my sewing space.

I'll be purchasing a real sewing table, enabling my current table to serve as my work space. My current table is an IKEA table, so I'll swap out the legs so I'll be able to use my bed risers (a trick I learned from a local quilt shop). It'll make it a comfy height.

This will allow me access to wall space to make a design wall. That way my WIPS are within sight.

Libby said...

I love your "tool Caddy" I have one similar to that on my ironing table for different scissors, cutters, small rulers and a few marking tools. Mine has a handle so I can take it where I need it next!

Kate said...

I can't work in clutter either, as much as I don't like the bins in my space, they do keep things semi-contained so it doesn't look so messy.

One of the things that I use to help with my orgnization is I have an old letter holder that I use to store my rulers. You can pick up some nice ones at office supply stores like Office Max or Staples for a reasonable price.

Regina said...

Another little PIGGY crossed off my list - and I am still in the throes of wanting to do "spring cleaning" and "redecorating" in my studio. Seems I am committed to traveling next month though - A LOT - so that will have to go on hold for a bit.

elizabeth said...

I plan on redoing my room soon (at least i hope to) i have a sewing machine desk i bought and havent put it together yet. It is a nice one that i got from a sewing machine dealer. Once i get rid of some stuff that i nolonger use in my bedroom, then i can i can put the sewing machine desk in that space. once i get that done, then i can have a better place and wont have to keep moving things around so i can sew. if i want to do something else i can use the small card table that i am sewing on now and i wont have to keep taking sewing machine on and off the table. once i get that done then i will start putting some of my projects on the shelves that are cluttered now with flower arranging stuff.. i am not sure when i will get all of this finished since i am going to third shift:(. i would rather work 6am to 230pm so i would have more time to do the sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting, etc that i enjoy doing. HAPPY QUILTING JILL

Hanswife said...

I think I must have design wall, every time I see it on a blog I think I have to make one. I continue to toss and get thing off the list i need spring to come so I can air out and clean up a couple of rolling drawers that are still dusty and a bit too dirty to use. Once scrubbed up and clean I plan to re-purpose then for smaller projects and yarn. but my biggest wish is to move everything and PAINT. Just a fresh clean coat of white. sorry for the late post