Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Update

After writing my Stash Report Sunday morning, I set out to quilt the new design on a practice quilt. I got the quilt parts loaded onto the frame, oiled the machine and loaded the threads and got to work. I tacked the top edge of the quilt top to the batting and backing and started quilting the design on the first pass. I was using a poly blend batting and the design was not coming out how I wanted it to. When I got to the end of the first pass, I took a little break to re-group and I unwrapped the batting for the big quilt and threw it in the dryer to breath and get the kinks out.
When I went back to the machine, I readjusted the hand control switch for the stitch regulator. I flipped the switch to start quilting and .... NOTHING! After a few adjustments all around, it still wasn't working. Turns out that the wires that should be connected to the switch are no longer connected. UGH!!!
I have ordered a replacement, but the company says that it could take up to a week to process an order. Total bummer!
You know, I have this machine and it's a great tool for finishing up quilts, but I don't use it to it's full capacity. And when I am finally ready to get to the basement and put it through the paces, something always seems to go wrong with it! Total bummer!
Once I ordered the part, I packed up my stuff and went to Granma's for my birthday dinner. I had a replacement phone for Granma's cell phone and we set that up while my aunt cooked and we waited on my cousin to come over after work. This dinner was totally worth the wait! A good way to lift my spirits after the switch disaster!
I think that tonight, I am going to sew. I need the break! :)


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

That's a total bummer! I hate when things don't work like they're supposed to or when I want them to. Fingers crossed the part comes in sooner rather than later.

Looks like a yummy birthday meal.

Anonymous said...

Keep focusing on that yummy birthday meal you had... I hate it that you couldn't get todo what you wanted.... I always get really aggravated with that.

Kristie said...

A very yummy looking dinner! Lucky you!

I hate when things like that go wrong! Hope you get your replacement in real soon. My speed control box messed up back in December when I was having to quilt all of those quilts and I started to panic. Richard is very handy and took it apart and redone some of the wiring so that I could quilt. Now it only sews at full speed! LOL! I need to buy a replacement for it. He said I could go to Lowes and buy a dimmer switch and he could hook it up in the box and it would work just the same as the other but a whole lot cheaper. I just can't remember to get it when I'm at Lowes!

Regina said...

So frustrating - but the birthday dinner looks like it was DELICIOUS!!!

megmom said...

I am glad you enjoyed your dinner! It was a very nice evening.

Kate said...

Always frustrating to have something come apart when you are in the middle of using it.

Jennifer said...

The meal looks great - hope the machine is the same before too long.

QuiltSue said...

At least the end of the day was good!