Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monthly Accomplishments - June 2011

I did more reading a working that sewing this month it seems. I don't think that I did a lot around the house either considering the state that I realized it was in this morning.

The company that I work for has it's year end on June 30th and this was a long week at work trying to get everything in before the end of the year. Unfortunately, it also meant that there were a lot of assets for me to set up which dragged into yesterday and today. But I didn't have to go into the office to get things wrapped up today and I was able to get it finished relatively quickly this afternoon. Woo hoo!

The rest of the weekend is all mine!

So here is what I did get done this month...
  1. Finished phase 1 of painting with the second floor bathroom
  2. Put the borders on Star Struck - the February UFO
  3. Sewed Midget block 15 and picked fabric for the next 5
  4. Assembled the top of the Not Your Grandma's Log Cabin quilt. This was the May UFO and when I started working on it only half of the top was assembled. I had to make the pieced border this month, too.
  5. Quilted a lap quilt. I also fixed some faulty quilted spots on another quilt. No pictures of either yet.
And the books read...
  1. Portobello by Ruth Rendell
  2. Beach Road by James Patterson
  3. The Sugar House by Laura Lippman
  4. Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canadeo
  5. In a Strange City by Laura Lippman
  6. A Stitch Before Dying by Anne Canadeo
  7. The Last Place by Laura Lippman
Hopefully, I can get back to quilting full speed ahead this weekend! :)


Kristie said...

Ewwww....year end! I used to work in finance and I always hated month end and year end! Not fun!

You still accomplished a lot of stuff...even a pieced border, those are usually murder!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Regina said...

Sounds like an awesome month to me!!! :-)

Libby said...

Sounds Good to me! You always get so much done! You are a quilting ROCKSTAR!

Jennifer said...

Glad year end is over. Despite that, you still got some biggies done this month!