Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book Review Thursday - 12/8

Sleight of Hand is the next book in the Barbara Holloway series that I finished. Wally is being accused by a childhood friend of stealing an expensive Egyptian artifact. Wally has a history of pick pocketing, but hasn't been a criminal in years. Jay, the accuser, is a childhood friend of Wally's who knows about his sordid past. After a consultation with Frank and Barbara, Wally and his wife try to forget the matter, but Jay winds up dead and the body of his missing wife is found shortly after that. And of course, Wally is accused of Jay's murder.

Barbara does some fancy footwork in this novel to save her client and anyone else that she can. She takes a lot on her shoulders and I could tell by the end of the book that it was wearing on her. Great storyline, great characters... Have I mentioned how much I love this series? And I am almost current with it. UGH!!

Must find more authors like Kate Wilhelm. She is a genius!

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