Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Dilemma

Regina has an issue and she needs your help! She has a present and is unsure of how to proceed since it won't be finished by Christmas. I have a vested interest in the decision since it is a present for me. lol

So go to Regina's post and help her make a decision by voting for one of the options. And please... DON'T pick #4!! I don't think I could stand it! lol


Brenda said...

I voted.... sorry, went with #4!!

Regina said...

Oh man - and here I thought I still had readers on my blog after a long silence... but they're all coming from you!!!! ;-) getting some good ideas bwahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I told Regina to wait 25 years to finish the gift, just like the baby blanket I knitted. Mom