Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - 5/30

I made a block this week!! I took 3 blocks with me to New York to Regina's house and it wasn't until this morning that I got a block made. Then, I packed up my stuff and left for home. Sigh...

Here's my block. #36 - 4 H Club. It is a paper pieced block, but I changed the pattern by not splitting up the background on the middle square and the setting triangles. Just a waster of fabric, in my opinion. :)


And a close up. Perfect points! :)


Anyone else have tiny blocks to share?


vtquilter said...

I had two this week! I left out the extra lines in a few of them in the 30's range. I agree lots of wasted fabric if you do them as written.

Vicki said...

Very cute block, I love the H blocks and this is a really nice setting for them. Great fabrics.

Jean said...

You amaze me with these mini blocks. I wish I could do them as well as you.