Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quilting Sampler started

For my Friday Night Sew In, I DVR'ed the opening ceremony for the Olympics and worked on a Quilting Sampler. I have been asked to bring in samples of my quilting to a local quilt shop. I thought that making a sampler to leave at the shop would be a great idea in case they wanted to recommend my quilting services to their customers and show them something that I have done. I planned on doing rows of pantos and then free hand designs. Last night I started with the pantos.

Things didn't go exactly as planned. I planned on working on 2 samplers at the same time to be efficient. I also wanted to do half rows of the pantos so that I could show all of the pantos I have experience with and still have space at the end of the 2 yards of fabric to do the free hand designs that I have mastered. When I started with the second set of pantos, I guess that the laser light moved. UGH!!


The first flower and leaf were fine and then the second set overlapped the previous row.


Not matter, I figured that I could use this as my second sampler and just show off the first to the shop that I have a meeting with.

Then, I loaded up the popcorn panto and everything was fine until I added the second row on the first sampler.



Double UGH!!! I have no idea how this happened, but this is not something that I want to show off. Do I rip this out and try again for the first sampler and just keep working on the second sampler to take to the shop? Or do I just cut my losses and only show a couple of pantos on this sampler and then kick ass on the free hand designs?

I was so disappointed last night. I'm not sure if the issues were just because I was rushing to set up the next row or if I kept bumping the laser light. A few weeks ago when my friend Mary was over, I broke the 'arm' on the light and I have had to keep super gluing it back together. I guess that I just need to look and see if I can find one online.

So what do I do? Just not make any more mistakes on the sampler in the first pics? Rip out the overlaps and try again being extra careful? Forget the sampler and just take in quilts to show off my quilting? Any other options that I am missing?


On the bright side, I tried out the Aurifil thread that Regina gifted me. It's the 40 wt quilting thread and it is gorgeous!! It quilted up beautifully! And I have been using up orphan bobbins so it will be nice to free up some bobbins for the machine!

Right now, I am going to head out to some quilt shops. I have to buy fabric for a baby quilt, a wall hanging for a co-worker and the rest of the fabric for my fourth Scrap Squad.

And just to show that things are not all bad here in spite of my mess ups on the Sampler...

Lula likes to carry bowls around. She prefers them to have something in them, but she will take the empties if that is all that is around.


Vic H. said...

OK...this isn't what you want to hear, but I wouldn't show off those samples. I'd do them again, with no overlap. And get a new laser light if yours keeps moving...that will explain why it worsens as you go along--starts out ok, then starts to fall backwards so you move the head backwards and end up going over your previous stitching. Sorry, Jill...that just stinks!

Kristie said...

Oh no!! I just hate times like that! As horrible as it sounds, I think I would rip it out and start again. That way it would show your best work, I know how good your work is!

As you mentioned, I would say most of your problem is your laser light moving. I've had that problem before too.

Sorry, but do try to have a good day.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that really stinks! I would guess the light vibrates its way out of place and that is how you're getting askew. If it were me, I would give the messed up ones to the dogs and start fresh on a new one - I hate ripping! Good luck whatever you decide.

Deb A said...

I'd start a new one once you replace the light. Good luck.

Linda Lee said...

If it was for myself..I would leave it. However, when it is to show off your work, I think you need to redo it. Sorry!

Jean(ie) said...

Lula, your new thread catcher...LOL!

I say redo it. You do wonderful work, and you need to show off your skill.