Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stash Report Weeks 29-30, 2012

Judy's blog was down last week and she didn't have a Stash Report post so I just waited until this week to post for 2 weeks. Of course, I didn't have anything to show for the report last week so it was just as well. :)

This week, I have purchases, but not a lot used. Yesterday, I had a list of fabric that I needed to get for 3 different projects - a wall hanging for a co-worker, a baby quilt, and the last of the fabric I would need for the fourth Scrap Squad quilt. I had planned on going to 2 or 3 quilt shops yesterday, but I found everything that I needed at Bella Quilts in Hamilton, Ohio.

For the baby quilt, I am going to make a star quilt from Evelyn Sloppy's Sew One and You're Done book. The quilt is for neighbors who have lived here almost as long as I have. They are having a boy and the colors are a grayish blue and yellow. Now that I have the fabric home, I think that the mustard color is a little dark than what I wanted, but I am going to go with it. It should match everything well enough. The light cream actually has a yellow tint to it.


For the wall hanging for my co-worker, it is for her parents' 80th birthdays and the party is in a couple of weeks. She wanted something that her family could sign and that her parents could hang on their wall. She sent me the file of their picture and I printed it on a Printed Treasures paper backed fabric. The purple fabric was one of the last ones that I found in the shop. I am going to work on this wall hanging today while I watch the Olympics.


And finally, the last of the fabrics that I need for my next Scrap Squad quilt. I will probably show a picture of all of the fabrics once I start working on the quilt. Hopefully, I can get to it this week. I'm excited to start on it and see how it will turn out!


For those that read my post from yesterday about my quilting samplers, I did take the pieces off of the frame and cut the backing apart to work on the samplers separately. And I have decided to rip out the rows that I find offensive and then start again. Most of the responses that I got on the post and on FB recommended the ripping and I think it is the right way to proceed.

And the little bit used was from the last set of 5 Midget blocks finished. Woo hoo!! They are the top row in this picture.


Fabric added this week: 6.64
Fabric added YTD: 50.23

Fabric used this week: 0.33
Fabric used YTD: 78.56
Net Fabric Used: 28.33

Lula was very happy that I was home from shopping and she could relax a little.



Jennifer said...

Good additions and sounds like you will use them all soon. Hope the ripping isn't too painful :(

Sarah said...

The olympics are the perfect background for "mindless" ripping. :-)

Linda Lee said...

Great job to work on while enjoying the Olympics!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you have a plan, girlie!! I love that gray fabric. I think that quilt will look great in those fabrics. I have that book and I think that is the only quilt that I have made out of it.

scraphappy said...

Those midgets sure are looking happy. Enjoy your Olympic sewing.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I have been thinking of making a picture quilt for my Grandmother for Christmas or some other upcoming holiday. is it easy to print out the pics on the paper?