Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - 7/31

Don't be shocked! Not only am I posting early, but I have TWO blocks to show! I finished one on Sunday and one last night. I was hoping to get more sewing done, but the block on Sunday was a lot!

Block # 41 - Illinois World's Fair


I changed the curved pieces and just added a line to the paper piece to give the pop of color. Also, somehow, the instructions didn't convey how to handle the paper piecing with the grey and blue strips so my block isn't the same in the very center. I like it anyway!

Unfortunately, it is slightly off size - should be a 5" unfinished block.


Block # 42 - Whirlwind


I really like how this one turned out. I didn't have to change anything.


And I have a new quilting buddy. She didn't sit here watching for long, but she kept coming back to watch when she wasn't napping.


Anyone else have tiny blocks to share? Link up here!


Deb A said...

Great job Jill! That #41 didn't come out right in the center for me either and just love how you modified it. It looks great. Two completed in one week! Great job.

elizabeth said...

Jill, could you add a small border to make it bigger, I know it sounds stupid on such a small scale, that way when you sew all of them together, you won't have to cut the others down. It still amazes me how detailed these are to be so small. Happy Quilting

scraphappy said...

Two blocks! Way to go. They both look great. I sometimes have printer issues and end up with off sized patterns for paper piecing. I am planning on setting all of mine so that the sizes don't matter.

Kristie said...

My gosh Jill! Two complicated blocks, I love them!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

If my blocks are ever the right size, I rejoice! Mine are always, always, always off a hair. Your midgets look great.

Jennifer said...

They both look great!

Amy said...

That block #42 is such an optical illusion; it doesn't look square due to the way the rectangle subunits are placed..... crazy illusion!

Despite not mimicking the picture for block #41, it's still perfectly fine and amazing!