Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ohio Stars on Display

A couple of months ago, Heather from the CMQG told us about an opportunity to have our Ohio Star quilts on display at the Quilting with Machines show in Huron, Ohio. Of course, we all jumped at the chance to have our modern quilts on display again!

Heather taught a few classes at the show and offered to bring our quilts back to us when the show was taken down and since she was there for the show, she snapped some pictures of the display. All the pictures are courtesy of Heather of

There is my quilt right in the center with Heather's on the left and Barb's on the right. It looks like the show did a fantastic job with our quilts!

A closer view of my quilt. It looks like the lighting was much better than what the people did at IQF in April. I thought that my quilt just looked washed out at the April show. In actuality, each row of stars is a different color fabric and the differences are visible when looking at the quilt in person. :)

Here is Heather's quilt that Angela Walters quilted. I think that I live in a bubble because I didn't know of Angela until she quilted this quilt and now, she seems to be everywhere! lol

Check out Heather's post on the show to see the rest of the display! And a big THANK YOU to Heather for organizing with the show and saving us all return postage!


Kristie said...

How exciting!! The quilts look lovely all displayed together! Congratulations!

Regina said...

They all look great -wish I could see them in person! The texture on Heather's quilt is terrific

Cheryl Willis said...

I have always loved your quilt.
The large star is terrific, I had to blow up the photo to see the quilting- oh my!
I like the 3 colors together and have added this to my future TO DO list. thanks for sharing!