Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 11/7

I didn't report last week because I didn't have anything to report. But last weekend, I went gangbusters and have a ton to catch up on!

I didn't get 2 midget blocks done, but I did get fabric pulled for the rest of this set of 10.

I only got one set of BOM blocks made.

And the 5th Scrap Squad is in the hand stitching the binding phase. Woo hoo! Maisy likes to help with this phase.

I also got a Texas quilt quilted, but I still have to get the binding made and attached to it so that I can finish it up and ship it back.

And I need to make the giveaway items for Debbie. I haven't forgotten!!! If nothing else, they will definitely be done in time for Christmas!

Last week... 
Two Midget blocks and pull fabrics for next 10 - and just one block done
Make next 2 sets of BOM blocks - just one set done
Make goodies for the Blog Hop Giveaway
Make great progress on the next Scrap Squad

Next week...
Two Midget blocks
Make next set of BOM blocks
Make goodies for the Blog Hop Giveaway
Finish 5th Scrap Squad
Quilt at least 4 quilts
Binding on Texas quilt
Start on 6th Scrap Squad
Decide on fabrics for Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild challenge - time is running out!

And click on my header to see my newer post - a special blog tour post with a giveaway!

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heather said...

My dog likes to help too. Usually it involves holding down the quilt so it doesn't fly away.

Melia Mae Quilting said...

Hand sewing the binding is my second favorite portion of the quilting task next to the quilting part of course!

Jean(ie) said...

Go woman, go! I already have a copy of that book so I didn't comment on the previous post. I loved the quilting on Andie's and Kelly's quilts. you did such a wonderful job on them. And it was so cool to see your name on the book!

I'm so excited for those two (and you!)! So proud of my Cincinnati buds.

Svetlana said...

lovely blocks! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

Jennifer said...

You had a banner week, but 4 quilts in the next week is pretty aggressive - hope you have lots of energy!