Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - 1/8

I was really hoping that I could get a block done for this week, but I spent most of my weekend devoted to Easy Street and then the last 2 nights were spent quilting. I actually finished quilting 2 quilts tonight, but I will have to get pictures of them tomorrow. Be patient. :)

Here is the last picture that I have of my stack of Midget blocks. It's from October. Note the patch on the ironing board cover that has since been re-covered. :)


I promise that between now and next Monday, I will DO a midget block.

Does anyone have any tiny blocks to share? Do it here!


scraphappy said...

Hope you get back into the tiny Tuesday groove soon. Just one block a week, you could even pick an easy one.

Teri said...

That is quite a pile. One at a time and it will get done. ;-)

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

The weekend is coming up, so you can work on one then. Tomorrow is another day.

Deb said...

Hope you get back on the midget band wagon! They are fun to make.