Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - 2/26

I might be getting a little lazy on the Midget blocks. And by lazy, I only mean that I am not doing a lot of prep work that I should be doing to make the individual block making a little easier.

Here are the rest of the blocks that I have printed out.


Let me break them down for you... y-seams, applique, too much paper piecing to be done very quickly... Y seams and more applique. UGH!!

I need to do a bit of re-drawing some blocks in EQ to remove the y seams and to change up the applique to something that I want to work on.

Right now, I have a quilt that has a couple of spots to be fixed and then it needs to be quilted and bound in less than a week and my focus has been on that quilt. I will get back to the Midgets eventually.

Does anyone have a tiny block to show to inspire me?


Deb A said...

Little bits of time here and there and you can do it! Worst case - how about fusible web and iron the applique down? Good luck.

Jean(ie) said...

Yikes! I see what you mean! I'm with Deb A, for the applique, do it raw edge.

Kristie said...

Those blocks look a little time consuming. Good luck getting the other one quilted.

Regina said...

you are a lot further along than i am ... so don't fret