Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - 2/5

I was thisclose to having another block done! I got my fabrics pulled for the next set of blocks and I planned on making a block tonight, but I was chatting with my cousin and his fiancee about a wedding quilt and I just didn't get to sewing.

But here are the fabrics for the next ten blocks. It's a start!


At least one will be re-drawn and another one will be substituted. I am not even going to bother attempting this block! lol


Anyone else have any tiny blocks to show?


Deb A said...

That round one actually went together very easily. Good luck, pulling fabrics is the hardest part.

snausages22 said...

Hi Jill,
I am a new follower and was wondering where you get all your miniature block patterns? I know you print them off...are they online?
Please email me and let me know!
I love your blog!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Family first! Pulling the fabric is half the battle.