Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 4/11

I think that I will only get one book reviewed again this week. My house guests are taking up my time. :)

I recently finished Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke which is in the Hannah Swenson mysteries series. Hannah runs a cookie shop in her small Wisconsin town. She made red velvet cupcakes with apricot centers for the opening of the refurbished Albion Hotel. Of course, there is an attempted murder at the opening and Hannah has to try and solve the mystery. Then, one of Hannah's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is back in town and she winds up dead, too, and Hannah is investigated in the murder.

I was really hoping that some things would have been resolved with the boyfriendS plot, but it wasn't. At least the book is something that I can read through quickly. The recipes almost make the books worth it. Thank goodness for libraries!!

I have to say that there was a pink lemonade cookie recipe that looked interesting and I took the book with me to Florida to get my mom to make them. We bought a box mix of pink lemonade cookies and she made homemade pink lemonade icing instead.

Maybe next time, Fluke will try something new... Probably not.


Jean(ie) said...

I love this author's books! I get those as audio books and would just drool over the recipes!

Beth said...

Is that a new book? I have not hit the library in while, so I thought I had read all she had written. Makes me frustrated that it takes so long for them to write a new one! lolol