Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 6/13

I have been off a day all week. Tuesday felt like Wednesday and then I had to keep reminding myself on Wednesday about a meeting after work and then all day today it felt like Wednesday again. Luckily, I am remembering that it is Thursday and writing my book reviews! :)

I finished Where We Belong by Emily Giffin and I must have taken it back to the library without a picture. Eighteen years ago, Marian had a secret baby and gave her up for adoption. Now, the girl is knocking on her door wanting answers and to get to know her birth parents. Unfortunately for Marian, this doesn't fit easily into her life plan and she didn't keep in touch with the baby daddy. She also didn't even tell him that she was pregnant.

This was a bit of a change from Giffin's usual storylines and I enjoyed the flow. The story changed perspective to follow Marian and then Kirby, her daughter, but it didn't feel disjointed the way that sometimes happens. This would be a great summer read!

 I read the Women's Murder Club books 11th Hour and 12th of Never in quick succession. Each book was 6 discs which just isn't long enough to solve 2 mysteries and hear about the main character's lives. It makes you wonder if James Patterson is just phoning it in to his co-author Maxine Paetro.

In book 11, Lindsay Boxer is pregnant and chasing down a serial killer and investigating a scene where several severed heads were displayed.

In book 12, Lindsay has the baby and has to go back to work early because a professor is dreaming of future murders that start really happening and a woman's body goes missing from the morgue. And Richie can't handle both investigations.

Between the two authors, you would think that they could fact check well enough. But to have the power go out and the character to try the cordless phone and think it will still work... Seriously??? The base is plugged into an electrical outlet for a reason. Surprisingly enough, it didn't work. Thank goodness they got that part right. Things just wrap up way too quickly in these two books. It seems like there is hardly any investigating that goes on and all of a sudden, the cases are solved.

What are you reading?

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Jennifer said...

Still reading the same thing :) but also working my way through the Lemony Snicket books to keep up with Jenna.