Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 6/6

I finished the last 2 books in the Rose Trilogy.

The Judgment is the second in the Rose Trilogy series by Beverly Lewis. The book is still following sisters Rose Ann and Hen and their families.

 The Mercy is the final book in the series. Everything gets wrapped up nice and neat with a bow which is typical of the Amish series books.

As I shared last week, I thought this was a good series and I was happy to find it after reading so many Amish books that were a little too whiny for my liking. But I feel like I am done with this genre.

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy was published posthumously and was another find from the library's website. This is the first book by the author that I have read, but I have seen the movie "Circle of Friends" that was based on her book so I was happy to give it a read.

Chicky ran away from Stoneybridge, Ireland to America with a boy when she was a teenager and when he left her a few months later, she was too ashamed to return home. She made up a life for herself in letters she sent home. Eventually, she decides to have her fake husband die in a car crash and she buys a large house in Stoneybridge and renovates it to be bed and breakfast of sorts. Her opening week is advertised as a Week in Winter.

I really enjoyed this book! After the initial story is laid out, the book follows other people who end up being guests or are instrumental in others attending the Week in Winter. The characters are all unique and interesting and the way that the week plays out is quite charming. My only complaint is that there were story lines started during the week, but the book ends almost abruptly at the end of the week. I would have liked another chapter to wrap everything up.

What are you reading?


Jennifer said...

I like Maeve Binchy books - have enjoyed several of them, but I am still reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....yes, still!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

That Beverly Lewis series is on my list. I like reading about the Amish lifestyle. I will have to put "A Week in Winter" on my reading list too.

JudyT said...

I've read all of Maeve Binchy's books and loved each and every one of them. The characters all intertwine from book to book so I'd start with her first published one and read in order. They are all complete books but you get to know the characters' stories if you read them in a series. I would definitely read all of them again.

barb said...

I love books about the amish. Besides handpiecing and hand quilting, reading is my passion. Have you read the love of quilts series?