Monday, June 3, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 6/3

My monthly accomplishments post did give me the motivation that I needed yesterday to get sewing!

I ended up putting the rest of the first border on the Sweet Treats quilt for my cousin, but I didn't get a new picture of it.


And then, I worked on Moon Pie. I had asked for opinions on the cornerstones and binding fabric and while I had decided to go with the red, there wasn't enough for both the cornerstones and the binding. I decided to use green for the cornerstones and red for the binding.

I also picked one of the new backings to back this quilt and got that made as well as the binding!


And now it is in the to be quilted pile!

I also got the backing made for one of the QOV quilts, but I didn't get to the basement to load it on the frame. It will happen this week though and everything it pressed and ready.

And here are the pups enjoying a nap while I sew.



Jennifer said...

Great job - looks like it will be a good week for the stash report too!

Jean(ie) said...

Those pups are working hard! LOL!