Thursday, July 4, 2013

Indepence Day Clean-a-bration!

One of the things on my To Do list earlier this week was to clean and prep my new Singer 301a. I figured that since I was going to work on this one, I might as well open up the first one and make sure everything was in working order with both.

Here is the first one.


And the new one.


I cleaned the upper gears on both machines and everything was running pretty smoothly. I also cleaned up the bobbin area.

New machine -


First machine -


I went through quite a few cotton swabs and clean mascara wands and I used the lubricant to grease all the gears again.

I oiled everything well and put the first machine back in the cabinet and tested out the new machine.



She was quite dry and will take a few more oilings before I think she will run more quietly. I'm going to stick this one in the basement to use to piece on while I am quilting. Last night, I prepped the basement for a spot to set it up and later tonight, I am going to cut out fabric for another quilt to piece in between quilting passes on the Avante. Woo hoo!!


Jennifer said...

Good for you - hope the new one loosens up as you use her. Does she have a name yet?

Regina said...


Amy K said...

Sweet! No excuses not to be sewing!

Julianne said...

I LOVE my 301A...her name is Betsy...I use her all the time! Old family heirloom.

thea said...

Very nice! Why do you work with that specific machine?

Kristie said...

She's a beauty! I love sewing on these older machines, they are real workhorses.