Thursday, January 18, 2018

WIP Wednesday - minimal progress

Well, this week has so far been a bust for me. I will share some pics in my next post when I hopefully will have a bit more info, but I will just say that I am dealing with some plumbing issues at my house.

I was able to get the squares cut for my Road to Llano quilt and these will be used in steps 3 and 4, just as a start. I'm hoping to get step 3 done sometimes this weekend.


And I am trying to work on the little projects that I pulled out of my shelves - the 2 fabric books and a Connecting Threads pint size tote. The tote fabrics have been pressed but not cut yet. And here is the status of the books.


The ABC's book is DONE!! I have given it to a co-worker who has a 4 month old who loves to be read to.

The 5 Funky Monkeys, on the other hand..... I cut these pages out in the same manner that I did for the ABC's. This panel did not have instructions or cutting lines like the first one did.

Let's start at the beginning....


Or is that the end?





I'm really not sure what the issue was with this panel... Maybe someone cutting off the bolt cut in between the wrong two pages? At this point, the fabric will be trimmed up and put into the scrap bin. No sense fussing with it now.

I also had pulled out a table runner kit that had been partially cut, but without the pattern or the pattern name. I had 3 large pieces of fabric that will be repurposed for backings for other runners. It's a win-win!

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Brooke said...

cut projects even if they have challenges...

thanks for linking up!

Kristie said...

I love your little books! It has been ages since I sewed one of those! Sorry about your plumbing issues. I saw your post on FB. :( Nothing fun about that.

Jennifer said...

Hope all the plumbing issues are resolved- we’ve had our share of them and it’s no fun! The first book looks great, and perfect for a 4-month old. Crazy on the second one. Hope you have some good sewing time this weekend!

dq said...

Progress means steps forward no matter how far. That is a darling book!