Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday Update

Tonight, I had my second Big Shirt class. We had a great time! Lots of sewing and bonding and learning! I got the body of the shirt done tonight, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to take pictures in the natural light. The teacher also said that we have to change our class from next week until the end of the month. But I got so much done in class today, that all I have to do is trim up the bottom seam and then put in the hem. Yeah!!

I had a lot of running around to do though before class. With it being so humid, I couldn't leave my machine in the car so I had to leave work early enough to drive 45 minutes home, load the car and pee the dogs and then drive the 15 minutes to the store. I made it in time, even with time to spare and time to eat a bit before leaving the house.

Also, I was able to catch up on Jen's blog!! I laughed out loud at the night when you lost your phone and were running all around between houses trying find it! Your stories crack me up! And your energy and the amount of sewing that you do amazes me knowing that you work full time!

Monday, I didn't post anything because I went to a quilt guild meeting right after work. Well, not right after - I did stop at Joann's. I picked up some basting needles (I didn't have any coupons for a basting gun), some batting and clearance fabric so that I can make a quilt sandwich and practice my free motion quilting. And I got my Spiderman fabric for my oldest nephew, Spencer. I have Superman fabric to make him some PJ's and was going to make them for his birthday when he told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't want anything for his birthday unless it was Spiderman. I had to admire his honesty! So I had gotten him Spiderman stuff. Now, I have enough fabric to make PJ's and a matching pillowcase.

OK, back to Guild. At our meetings, we have the business part of it and then Show and Tell where anyone can bring in a piece or several and show them off to everyone. I took my first quilt top that I finished, but that has been it. Then we have a break and the presentation of the night. Last night's was optical illusion blocks/quilts. I didn't stay for the presentation because I didn't want to get drawn into wanting to do something else. Some of the other presentations have been accuracy in quilt making. It was after that presentation that I saw a big jump in the quality of my sewing/quilting. I can't wait to see what presentations we have next year because I really learn a lot.

Through our Guild, we have a Yahoo group for members to sign up on for notices and what not. A couple of months ago, a woman posted about wanting a quilting buddy that she could get together with and sew. It turned out that she lives in Hamilton which is a neighboring town to Fairfield where I live. Once I sent a couple of messages to her, a few other people said that they were also looking for buddies and we decided to meet at a Panera to form a neighborhod group (it's basically a small group within the Guild). There were 7 of us and we ate and chatted and decided to call our group Quilted Chaos and we picked out meeting dates and times. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it to that first meeting because I had signed up for quilt classes before our first meeting. But they have been keeping me in the loop about other meeting dates and getting together to sew. Last night, I got to see some of the ladies in the group at the Guild meeting and they were so happy to see me and told me to make it back to a meeting and that they were looking forward to us getting together to sew. It was very heartwarming to see them and have them remember me and say that they missed me at the meetings! I can't wait until September when I can get together with everyone and not feel like I am missing out anymore. It was also great to look around the 300+ faces and start to recognize more and more of them.

Well I am off to bed! Night!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip
My my you've been one busy lady. Your guild sounds like alot of fun and really big. The smaller group that you formed sounds like you're going to get alot out of it. That's why I enjoy my BOM groups that I belong to. It's fun to get together and learn from each other. Cindy
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover
I can't wait to se the pic of the shirt. aren't kids great and so honest. I hope that doesn't change. love and hugs gina xxx
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Can't wait to see your shirt finished. Sounds like you have been very busy. Wow, over 300 in your guild...I would die, mine has 22 members, but I haven't been there very long and there has never been all 22 of them there at the same time, usually around 12-14. We are going to be starting our BOM in September, so I am pretty excited about it... Kristie
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 300 in your guild?
Posted by mamanance
Wow, our guild has about 70 and we think that is pretty big! And we never have all 70 there at one time, which is good because we would be really crowded! I want to get some ideas from you about your speakers. Vesuviusmama and I are on a committee to plan our guild's retreat next May, and we are looking for ideas for speakers.
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Thursday, August 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Cre8tiveQuilter
That sounds like a nice guild!!! I haven't gotten into the whole guild thing yet. There's one at the library but they always want us working on stuff for the library to raise money for quilting events. I've yet to go to a quilting event that I've liked through them and I do enough community service projects...I don't want to do theirs.

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