Monday, January 7, 2008

Back from the Vet and Pictures

I will get to the fun part first. Here are the pictures from the finished purse. I still have a couple of pictures of our sewing fun from this weekend, but in the interest of time, I will just post the pictures of the purse.

The last one is a comparison because I made the smaller size for Granma. I also used much shorter straps on Granma's.

I left work early so that I could get Max to the vet on time. This morning, he was very vocal with his pain again and I just couldn't bear it any longer. We went in and Max was very excited and nervous about being there. We almost immediately saw another dog and he was anxious to meet him, but I didn't let Max go.

The vet came in and gave the same type of physical exam as last time and said that he doesn't seem to be getting any better from the things that I told him I had observed with Max over the last few days. He wanted to get X-rays. I said OK and they took him back. He said that it would be 10-15 minutes until they would be ready. They brought Max back out to me and then Max immediately just wanted to be held. A few minutes later, they came back in and asked for him again to redo one of the X-rays because the picture didn't come out very clearly. Then they brought Max back to me and he was wanting to get up and move around and go and visit with the other animals.

Finally, the doctor came back in with the X-rays and showed me where the problem is. The space between his thoracic vertebrae is thinning and can be troublesome. He said that if he would lose any control over his lower back or legs or anything, that they could do surgery and he would be a great candidate for that. I think that the thinning is between his T10 and T11 and between the T11 and T12. One looks a little worse. The discs don't appear to be touching in either case, but it is probably what is causing the pain. He also said that this is the location of the problems when dogs go paralyzed in their back legs. Great! This is just what I want to hear! NOT!!

So, the vet said that I could continue with the prednisolone twice a day for 2 more days and that I could be giving the muscle relaxer 3 times a day and I have only been giving it twice a day. I came home and gave him another one of those right away. And now, I have to keep him on 'bedrest' for 2-4 weeks. The doctor said that if we can follow all of these rules, then there is a chance that he will heal and be just fine.

Please keep Max in your thoughts for his pain. And that he heals and won't need surgery any time soon!

I am on my way to Quilt Guild. Tonight, I want to show and tell my I Spy and we are also playing Quilt-O! Wish me luck so that I can win at one round and bring home some fat quarters!


Kristie said...

Oh no, poor little Max! I sure hope he gets to feeling better. Give him a big hug for me.

Kristie said...

Oh and I love the purse. The fabrics are beautiful.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Oh little Max you 're in our thoughts and prayers. Come on little guy just be very quiet like you have to be and you'll get better in no time. Trust me our Mom's know what is best for us.

Maureen said...

The purse is lovely! What pattern is it?

I am going to keep Max in my thoughts and prayers. I know when Emma was a little puppy (we had her only about a week) I accidently caught her leg in the car door. She shot across the back seat and was trying to exit quickly. Anyways we had an emergency vet visit and they had to tranquilze her to take the x-rays. Then we were told to keep her on bed rest for 3 to 4 weeks. I asked how to you get a puppy to be on bed rest. Again I will keep Max in my thoughts and prayers and you as well!

Jen said...

Ughhh, I think a puppy in a leg cast is easier to corral than a pup with back problems. (Mike stepped on holly as a baby and broke her leg) But, if he's not feeling too hot and is drugged up he may not be that interested in being too active. You might have to keep him on a leash and tethered to you. Or a portable kennel? He could go from room to room with you? You can't sit for 4 weeks doing nothing but holding him. Is he in a kennel during the day where he'd get good rest? That could be something to consider. Did he say anything about heat or cool? You could make him his own heat pack. Maybe Mamma needs to make him a big squishy bed. (AND GET HIM STAIRS ONTO YOUR BED)

OUr neighbors dog was paralyzed. And I believe it was something similar. He was a Cocker though. something with a disc; that much I remember. With time and healing and she spent a LOT of time massaging him he was good as new and only had flare ups from time to time.

Puppy Massage??

Ohhhhh give Max a bigg kiss and a good ear rub from me. Holly sends a virtual pig ear.

Jen said...

I get distracted soooo easily. That purse for your Granma is really nice!!! Hmmm, maybe we'll have to trade. A Very Badly for a Miranda!! =)

Moneik said...

Love the purses. They are great and such wonderful fabri choices. I need to make a new one, but not sure what I want to do.

Michelle said...

Love the purses, and I sympathize with Max. I have that problem in my neck. It gets flared up and my whole right arm aches and buzzes and it gets very uncomfortable. I hope he can 'rest' it out to recover.