Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January Finish it Up challenge

Here is my list of things for the January Finish it Up challenge:

  1. 1 more fabric book for Ethan
  2. 2 cat table runners-just need to finish
  3. Blue floral purse-started
  4. Brown floral purse-started
  5. Cat placemats-1 done, 3 to go
  6. Pink and blue Very Badley purse
  7. Yellow Very Badly Purse
  8. Star blocks
  9. Star and Nine patch border pieces
  10. Star and Nine Patch block assembly
  11. Finish organizing stash and spare bedroom

Hopefully, I will be able to make a huge dent in this if I can't get everything done. I hope that I can get everything done!


Carla said...

I'm curious-what's a Very Badley purse?

Jen said...

We can do it. I know we can!