Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Stash Report Week 8

I had quite a few evening commitments this week, so I didn't get much sewing in except for the Thimbleberries club on Thursday night. I didn't work at the shop on Saturday so I was able to get goal #1 done from my list for this weekend. Today, Cathy is still coming over to sew (unless the roads are bad) so I will get more accomplished today. Woo hoo!

For the stash report, I have to say that I did make some purchases this week - the dog fabric here, but not the elephant fabric because that is already packaged up to send to Jen. She is buying some fabric to send to me, but since I don't have it in my hot little hands, I don't have to count it yet. :)

Fabric added this week: 0.97
Fabric added year-to-date: 14.03

Fabric used this week: 6.26
Fabric used year-to-date: 34.84

Net Fabric Used: 20.81

I'm doing awesome!! Now, I am off to use some more fabric!


Brenda said...

Well, next week, with the night not coming on as soon as it was, maybe you could burn the midnight oil and ... kidding!!!! At least you got something done off your list and that is a good - no, great thing!!!! And I hope this week will give you even more time to get that creativity of yours out and creating!! Have a great last week of February.....

Lori in South Dakota said...

Jill, you're doing good. Hope you have another good week, even though you're going to be busy.

Moneik said...

You get so much done! I've tried to be good, so I can spend in April! 2 months...YEAH!