Monday, May 4, 2009

Retreat Post – Thursday #4

After we left Aunt Ruth’s, we hopped up the street to Sew Ezy. This is the shop where I bought my new machine, JJ. I had all of my accessories for Bubba the Brother to drop off and it was very nice to get it all out of my way in my sewing area at home!




Regina would be sad to miss these 2 animals hanging around outside of the shop.


I’m not sure what the others got in the shop, but I knew that there were some dog fabrics that I needed for the quilt that I have to make. I picked up these with the idea that the white on white will be used in the sashing.


Once we were all done here, we raced to the Fabric Shack to meet up with Regina who had been there for a while looking around. In all of the excitement of meeting someone new, we all forgot pictures!

As we pulled into the parking lot, I looked for a New York state license plate and I didn’t see any, even though there were plenty of out-of-towners yelling, “THERE it is!!!” I was worried that she got tired of waiting and went somewhere else. It turns out that she parked a street away and walked to the shop. I called her cell phone and she said that she was in the back at the bathrooms. Knowing the store like I do, I ran to the back and we ran right into her! Hugs were passed out and then we started shopping and asking her how the drive was. She was so excited that she was on the road at 4:30 AM instead of 5 like she had planned. She also took way too many potty breaks!

Because it was getting past my normal lunchtime I was getting hungry. I made my fabric choices and then went and sat quietly outside waiting for the others so that we could go for lunch.


Again, I missed most of what everyone else bought. And when everyone was mostly done, I ran with Regina to her car and we drove to the restaurant for lunch.


Brenda said...

I am really enjoying seeing all the dog fabrics!! They all look like so much fun!! And you sound like it's being a great time for everyone. This is fun to read - thanks for sharing!!

Dayna said...

I must find some of that fabric with the blue and green scotties on it! Who makes it? Does the shop have a web store?

Jen said...

Now're folding your stuff all pretty to take pictures? You suck!

Moneik said...

you found lots of great fabrics. I have a few, but no pictures yet of my purchases.