Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too much to write about....

There is so much to write about from the last 3 nights! This may be a picture heavy post, but it really all relates. :)

Wednesday night was the last Beginning Knitting class. I've already shown the progress of the current dish cloth in this post, but I can assure you that it is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to finish this one! But I do have pictures to share of the baby cap that I started on double pointed needles. The yarn is so thin and soft! It's Dreambaby D.K.


Last night, I finished the binding on the dog quilt and found buttons to sew onto the two dog face blocks. OK, when I say found, I mean that I cut them off of a blazer because I didn't realize until 10:30 that I forgot to pick them up and I didn't want to be rushing this morning. I can always replace the buttons on the blazer!


I had to take the pictures at work and didn't want to draw attention to the quilt by asking someone else to hold it up so I sort of pinned it to my bulletin board and draped it. It doesn't look too different from the last picture of it. Oh and my co-worker loves it! I can't wait to hear what her daughter thinks of it!


Since I took the first knitting class, I have been surfing the net for free patterns. I found an awesome pattern for a crocheted afghan on the Lion website and I just have to make it! Luckily, the yarn that I choose to use for it was on sale at Michael's this week! And once I got the balance that was owed for making the dog quilt, I headed straight there!!!


I substituted a less expensive brand of yarn for the pattern, but I think that these colors are still true to the pattern. And of course, while I was at Michael's I looked around and found a few things that I had to have!


The Sugar 'N Cream is still on sale so I picked up a few more skeins to add to last week's purchases. I have knitting needles in size 7 and 9 so I picked up 8's and another skein on sale of a soft yarn for baby caps and more practice. The dish cloth book was on sale, too, and the patterns are very neat!

After all of the excitement at Michael's, I came home and finished the rest of the swap blocks, packaged up everything to be mailed out and straightened the bedroom up. Quite a productive few nights!


Michelle said...

Bottle some of that energy up, would you? Geez!

Love the quilt, and stealing buttons is good thinkin'!

You are really getting into this knitting thing. Good for you! Again, I'm jealous of your energy.
Be blessed,

Kristie said...

You are really getting into this knitting and doing a wonderful job! I can crochet but not knit, but do find it relaxing. Beautiful yarns.

The dog quilt looks great! I'm sure you are happy to have it done.

Regina said...

Remind me not to let you in my closet!!! LOL - great save on the buttons! All looks great - love the colors you picked for the afghan.

Jennifer said...

Love the button story! Now, that's true quilter resourcefulness! The finished quilt looks great and I am sure she will love it. You are making me really think about knitting with all the pretty yarn and cute stuff you're making!

Vicky said...

Awwww, look at the little doxies! The quilt is wonderful! Good finish!

Sarah said...

The dog quilt is very cute...and funny that you stole the buttons off a blazer! ;-)

My younger sister knits and she uses the Vanna's Choice yarn and loves it. Even though its less expensive...doesn't mean its still not good! Good luck with the afghan.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

The quilt looks great! I know your glad to have it finished