Friday, December 4, 2009

December Goals

I have been meaning to post about my December goals, but I hadn't really thought about what they should be until just a little bit ago. I posted a picture of my November goals. Here is an updated picture of my white board before I wiped it clean.


I got a fair amount done, but not what I had expected. I was just too damn popular on my week off! ;)

For December, I would like to -
  • Finish what I need to for Keith's quilt and mail it off
  • Finish the swap box and mail it off
  • Keep track of my sewing, knitting and crocheting time
  • Start piecing on the secret quilt and it's sibling
  • Finish the RV place mats
  • Finish the Storm at Sea binding
  • Work with Squiggy, the quilting machine, to see if it needs to be serviced
  • Complete 8 granny squares for the afghan
  • Make pillowcases
  • Write a baby cap tutorial using double pointed needles
  • Finish baby cap
  • Make more dishcloths

Anything else that I can do will be awesome, but I would like to work on these things. And I'm going to start TOMORROW!! ;)


Kristie said...

Not a bad list of goals! I'm sure you will be able to do them! I think you get a lot accomplished and you work full-time too!

Michelle said...

You are definitely a girl on a mission. I envy your motivation and determination to get through your list.

Have a great weekend, and yes, you were very popular on your vacation, but you had fun, right?!!!
be blessed,

Regina said...

Great list -and look at all those things crossed out! That's a lot of work right there!!

I don't write mine down like that - probably should!

Gina said...

Great list. I write mine down on a notebook. It's so satisfying to cross things off the list as done

Love and hugs Gina xxx