Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost done....

I am still working on my stash room. I am folding the last batch of fabrics now. I think that I will be able to put the room back together tomorrow morning! I can't wait! This seems to be a never ending project!

I thought that I would show some pictures of my progress so far. Since I started quilting 3 years ago, I have accumulated some scraps. OK, a lot of scraps! People from my Guild would ask if anyone wanted fabric. Of course, my hand would go up! People from online groups would ask if anyone wanted scraps... I was usually the first to respond. I love the look of scrappy quilts even though I have not put together too many yet. I have been preparing!!!

I decided that I would trim my scraps to 2.5" and 5" pieces only. They seem to work the best together and I didn't want to have to worry about trimming pieces to many different sizes. Over the summer, before I went to the Bonnie Hunter classes in Indy, I worked for about a week to make some scraps and organize a little. Once the classes were over, I have not done much with the scraps.

Until the reorganizing started...

This week, I sorted all of the scraps that I have gotten into crumbs, yardage and scraps that need to be trimmed. This is an 18 gallon tote of scraps to be trimmed. I'm happy to have them all in one spot now and I will be able to work on them a little at a time.


These are in my hallway waiting for spots in the stash room. From left to right, there are 2 bags of yarn, 2 totes of crumbs, 2 totes of 5" scraps (lights in one, darks in another) and 2 totes of 2.5" scraps (lights and darks) with some yardage on top that needed pressing after being washed.

The yarn is from a fellow Guild member who brought me 3 huge bags over a year ago. There was quite a bit of yarn, needles and notes in the bags. I took the original bags to my granma's house on New Year's Day and we sorted through it and she kept a lot of it. She is going to use it to make prayer shawls, slipper socks and baby caps and she was going to share with some of the gals from her senior group. I think she was very happy that I thought to share with her. :) I was just happy to have some of the yarn out of my room! lol


As I was sorting through the fabric on the shelves, I found some things that I forgot I had. Fat quarter bundles from Thimbleberries and Moda - Christmas collections. The Moda one is still wrapped in plastic!


A fat quarter bundle in brights from Moda and a holiday and baby collection along with some charm packs....


Lots of sock monkey fabric!! This isn't even all of it!


And gorgeous Civil War Reproduction fabrics. Bold reds, purples and blues that look so much better in person than this picture!


And some FQs and yardage of reproduction fabrics.


When I was sorting through the scraps from others, I found all of this American Jane fabric. Ft quarters and a couple of yardage pieces! LOVE the measuring tape fabric!


And lastly, I found this piece. It a Home Decor fabric and is just short of a yard. I was thinking of listing it on eBay or Criagslist, but then the new Joann's ad came today with a picture of knitting accessories made out of home decor fabric. I'm going to have to check out the patterns and see if this could work for one of them!


I also pared down on what I am putting away. Regina is going to be gifted some fabric that I am pretty sure she will love! I stopped by the post office today and sent out the first batch. And since I am sending fabric out, I will have a bust to report tomorrow!! Yahoo!!

Now, I have to finish the reorganizing so that I can sew on some of my UFOs and finish them so that I can start some new projects with all this wonderful fabric that I found!!! Wish me luck! :)


Beth said...

Looking great Jill! I'm sure you're happy to see that light at the end of the tunnel :)

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You've been a busy girl! Can't wait to see your stash report tomorrow!!!

Libby said...

You have been busy!! Keep up the good work! Don't you just love fabric?! Especially finding fabric that you forgot you have!! You have some real beauties there!

Cheryl Willis said...

you go girl! I haven't gotten to the part about sub cutting to the sizes, I did get most of my stash sorted though. cw

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wish I was done folding my fabric.. lol.. great job

Coloradolady said...

Wow...what great fabrics, and I know you have got to be glad to be finished soon....great job.

Ted and Donna said...

I'm amazed you have time to take pictures, post them and write about them. Honey, you tire your old Aunt Donna out just reading about it all. Looks fantastic and I know you'll make many beautiful things with it all.

Kristie said...

Okay, I am coming to shop at your house!!! Love the fabrics! I really enjoy seeing photos of other bloggers fabric collections!

Reenie said...

Great job, Jill! You won't have to shop for years!! lol If you get tired of any of those little scraps, you just let me know! Scrap quilts are my very favorites.

Michelle said...

Good job! Beautiful stuff. I like your taste.

Regina said...

Gorgeous stuff - and I can't wait to post pics of what you sent me!!! We will be haunting the PO all week!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Laura said...

Looking great and thanks for the yummy eye candy! Love that bright Moda bundle. Keep up the good work. You are almost done and then you can sew, sew, sew.

Linda and Piwacket said...

I know envy is a sin, but I am sure guilty of it now. I'm salivating over all the Modas and other fabrics you've found in your stash!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

what awsome fabrics.. love the moda FQ's