Monday, June 21, 2010

A couple of small things

Over the weekend, I was able to get the blocks laid out and all sewn together for my SIS quilt. I also got the borders and the binding cut and the backing all picked out. I am going to piece the backing from a floral with a black background and lots of green and a fairly ugly green that actually matches the floral. How great is that?!?

I also worked on my crocheted afghan and I finished 4 more blocks and put another round on 4 different blocks. I am on the last 3 sets of blocks - 10 total. :)

And I knit! I worked on my sweater! I am up to 57 rows and 7.5"! It's looking pretty great, I think! I have to be at 13" before I can start shaping the arm holes and I think that the piece will go fairly quickly once I get there. I hope to have it almost done for my class this Saturday.

During lunch today, I got to the heel flap on the second purple sock! I didn't realize that I was so close to getting there and it was a nice feeling to know that I was farther along than I thought!

Tonight was a Guild Board meeting and since I am secretary, I had to be there. We had a couple of attendees who aren't usually there and there was information shared that somewhat shocking, but not really once it sunk in. It looks like we have some great ideas for how to proceed in our new year and I volunteered for a couple of new positions that will start officially in October, but that I will probably start working on almost immediately. I'm excited about these new jobs!

And I have a new header just in time for the 1,00th post Giveaway. My best bud Regina put it together for me! She's also come up with a blog button for the Giveaway and I am very excited to share that! This is post 980... Twenty more posts until the Giveaway... Who's excited????

I guess that it about it on the updates. I have 4 beady, little eyeballs looking at me wanting to pee so I better heed their warning and take the bodies that they belong to outside. No puddles in the house tonight!! :)


CatQuilter said...

Love, love, love the new header!

My, my, you have been a busy bee with all the knitting and sewing.

Now, you've got my curiosity aroused about the board meeting.

Hope to see you soon!
Love ya,

Libby said...

You are always so busy!! I LOVE the new Header!!

Jennifer said...

The new header is great! You got a lot done over the weekend and I can't wait to see the borders for the SIS quilt.

Melinda said...

I received my PIF gift this weekend. Thank you - love the sock monkey. I will be posting about it on my blog today. I am at 982 post so getting ready for my own awesome giveaway and looking forward to yours. Great new header!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Ahhh, we like progress!!! What do you mean you VOLUNTEERED?!?!? You neglected to mention that! Regina did a great job on the header! Very cool.

Deanna said...

That is a really nice header. It makes me want to work on the appearance of my blog, which is very plain and not at all personal. And, of course, I also envy all you get done. Wow! But, that is OK. We'll just call it "inspiration." Thanks! :)

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Love your new header. You have been so busy. I feel that way to here lately. I have one more week that Keith will be home and then he will be gone for 3.

Hope to get ahead on my homework this weekend and then be able to plan and play next weekend after he leaves.

Can't wait to hear about guild and your giveaway