Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review Thursday - 10/20

This week, I’m back on track with 2 books finished.

The Crossroad by Beverly Lewis is book 2 of the Amish Country Crossroads series (only 2 books in the series and book one is The Postcard). In the first book, New York journalist Philip Bradley finds a postcard when he is staying at a B&B in Lancaster County ran by Rachel Yoder’s family. In this book, the story continues where both Philip and Rachel fight their growing attraction for one another. Rachel fights the powwow doctoring and hexes prevalent in her Amish society and fights to regain her sight.

This was a nice ending to the series and I am glad that Lewis didn’t draw it out into a third book. There was interaction with a Bishop in this book and that scene was interesting.

I think the best thing about this book was that I was able to read it on my Kindle as a loan from the library. Nice!!

I have been cleaning up my DVR and watching the summer series Rizzoli & Isles that is on TNT. It was only fitting that I read the latest Tess Gerritsen novel in the series, The Silent Girl. I watched the season finale of the TV show last weekend and there was a very appropriate product placement of this book on a side table that made me smile!

Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles report to a murder scene in Boston’s Chinatown – a severed hand is found in an alley and the body is found on the roof above with the head barely hanging on. Very few clues lead the pair to a murder-suicide that occurred 19 years earlier in a neighboring building and a bunch of missing teenage girls.

There is a side story involving a cop on trial for killing a cop killer and the police force is hassling Maura about her evidence that shows the cop is guilty of murder. She has to deal with the cops at scenes ignoring her and being rude because of this. I am thinking that this will come out further in the next book because the result of the trial was not mentioned after the investigation got under way.

This was a solid addition to the series. I enjoy other characters in the books – Frost, Korsack, Jane’s family – because they add a lot to the novels instead of being a distraction. By watching the series and reading one of the books simultaneously, I was able to tell that TNT does an awesome job of relating the energy in the novels onto the small screen. Gerritsen is still one my favorite authors!


Jean(ie) said...

I'm reading a christian romance on Kindle and listening to a Nelson DeMille on Audio.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

The Crossroad sounds interesting. I may have to invest in both books and check them out.