Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monthly Accomplishments - September 2011

My last Monthly Accomplishments post was for July. I guess that with the room renovations I just didn't have much to report for August. I am definitely catching up for time not spent quilting. I feel like I did great in September!
  1. Figured out a good way to store flimsies with their backings.
  2. Cut out the bug jar quilt and started piecing blocks
  3. Cut out this year's SIS quilt and got all the blocks assembled
  4. Made 2 take along bags and 2 tool caddies
  5. Got volunteered to organize the Guild's Raffle Quilt - picked pattern, got fabric, found quilter, cut fabric and wrote instructions for block packets to be handed out at Guild
  6. Joined the Homeowner's Association Board for my condo
  7. Worked a lot on my current socks. Am currently knitting on the foot.
  8. Put binding on a charity quilt I quilted in March
  9. Quilted a charity quilt
  10. Quilted and bound Split Second Decision
  11. Made Midget blocks 17 and 18
  12. Got some great deals on thread and zippers!
  13. Took care of my little Maxie since he hurt his leg even though he bit me twice. :(

And book reviews. I have been slacking a little in this arena. I wonder if I just read so much over the summer that I needed a break.
  1. True Colors by Kristin Hannah - I finished this book in August, but the review is in September.
  2. Defense for the Devil by Kate Wilhelm
  3. No Defense by Kate Wilhelm
All in all, a very good month and a great come back for me with quilting!


Jennifer said...

Yes, a good month indeed. Hope October is Max's month to have a good one!

Jackie's Stitches said...

You had a great month! I hope Maxie is feeling better and healing.

Kristie said...

What a list!! Poor little Max, I'm sure he didn't mean too! LOL!

Jean(ie) said...

you did lots of stuff!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You got to sew!! Definitely a good month. Now what will October bring?

scraphappy said...

Looks like a pretty good month. So fun to see it all listed out.