Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Results - 8/17

I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't get more done. I made myself a list while I was at work and I have a ton of things that I need to do this weekend, but since I didn't get my Friday night list done, it will set back the rest of the weekend. sigh

I have been working on the next Scrap Squad quilt for QuiltMaker magazine and I needed to figure out how to make blocks that finish at 8.5", but I didn't realize until last night that they needed to finish at 8.5". I thought that they needed to finish at 9". So glad that I realized that last night!!

I had found the block that I wanted on EQ and printed the rotary cutting directions for a 9" finished block and this is what I got when I made up the block.


Just a 'tad' off on the rectangle pieces. This is the first time that I have ever been disappointed with EQ in finding new blocks and getting rotary cutting sizes.

I looked through some books that I had and searched the web for a while. I also decided to turn on the first season of Downton Abbey to see what all the fuss was about and eventually I got sucked into that. But I kept making blocks to try and find the right size for my Scrap Squad quilt.


I finally got the sizes right on my 7th attempt! SEVENTH!! And that last attempt was actually this morning after a good night's rest**.

Now, my cutting and ironing area looks like a tornado hit it and I feel like I must sort through my scraps before I go any further. Oh bother!


** Maybe not such a good night's rest as I was worried about the baby of the house.


Lula had a visit with the vet yesterday to get all sorts of work done... Mani, teeth cleaned, spayed... They called me before they started on her and kept referencing LOLA. I wanted to tell them, "It's LUla. She's not a showgirl. She's a reformed hooker working for Vinny, the bail bondsman."

PS - for those on my FB, sorry about reposting my status, but I thought it was just too cute to not share.

PPS - I apologize to those of you who now have the song in your head. But I have been dealing with that since Friday at 8:40 AM. I'm happy to have the company now! lol


Vic H. said...

Poor lula...she is going to be a bit under the weather for I while, I suppose. Bummer on the EQ block, but I'm glad you got it done!! Good luck with that project...

scraphappy said...

It does look a liitle like a tornado hit you all. A messy studio is a good sign for productivity though. Hugs for the showgirl.

Jennifer said...

Glad you finally got the block you wanted - you have far more patience than I! Hope the baby girl is feeling ok today.

Amy said...

LOL! Too funny! I DID get the song in my head :)

Tis a shame it took so many attempts to get the block right....but WAY TO PERSEVERE! I'm sure you'll find a good use for the initial attempts; maybe blocks in a backing?

Lula looks completely wiped out...but yet so completely relaxed snuggled in the quilts. Hoping the recovery is quick.

lesleyworth said...

Yep, song stuck! Lol! I never would have made it to the7th attempt, so good on you for hanging in there!

Hope Miss Lula is feeling better!

Nancy said...

I do have that song stuck in my head now! I hope your adorable little Lula is doing better.

thea said...

Poor Lula. Hope she feels more like herself soon.

Kristie said...

I am soooo far behind on blog reading! I'm anxious to see your next scrap squad quilt. Finishing at 8.5" is an odd size, isn't it?