Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stash Report Week 33. 2012

Another good week for me, if I do say so myself. I started working on the next Scrap Squad and got a little busted from that. This is all that I can really show until I get the quilt finished and shown on the Quiltmaker blog. Even with this little bit, it might be too much, but I will be a rebel for once. :)


I also got the backing made for the pink and green star quilt.


This week, I am going to have to get the backing for the blue and yellow one so that I can get it quilted and finished before September for the baby shower.

To prep for the quilting, I made the bindings for both quilts yesterday.


And instead of doing the many things that were on my To Do list, I spent some time straightening up my cutting and ironing table and all the scraps that were underneath of it.



After the much needed straightening! So much better! Now, I just need to go through the pile that is left and trim it up for the scrap bins.


And I am almost to 100 yards busted for the year! Woot!

Fabric added this week: 0.00
Fabric added YTD: 56.48

Fabric used this week: 4.02
Fabric used YTD: 98.76

Net Fabric Used: 42.28

And Lula is feeling better, but still resting. She started going up and down the stairs by herself yesterday evening.



Jennifer said...

Great progress this week! And your totals for the year are awesome!

Kate said...

Lots going on in your sewing room. Love the colors in your new project. Congrats on almost reaching the 100 yard busted mark!

Hope Lulu continues to improve. She looks a bit annoyed in the picture.

Melinda said...

Poor Lula. She looks wasted. Hope she's back to her normal self soon.
Great job on the studio clean up. I love the feeling after a good clean up.w

Jean(ie) said...

Come tidy up my room. That way I don't' have to do it tonight! LOL!

Enjoy a bit of down time right now before dinnertime and sewing room flurry begins.

Dar said...

You are doing great on your stashbusting. Wish mine were as far along. Poor Lulu -- sure hope she is back to normal soon. She looks kind of tuckered out -- probably because of those stairs you mentioned!

Kristie said...

Poor little Lula! I hope she is feeling better by now. Don't ask me why, but I detest making those square in a square units! They drive me nuts! LOL! Can't wait to see how they work in your quilt.