Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stash Report Week 34, 2012

This week, I quilted this quilt for Kara and she asked if I could put the binding on as well.


And so far, I am just over halfway finished with the binding.


Yesterday was the yard sale. I worked on the binding while I was sitting outside and people watching. Here is the picture of my set up.


After the sale and breaking down the display, I was so pooped that Lula, Maisy and I took a 2.5 hour nap! It was so lovely! Today, I am so sore from all the moving and lifting. But I am pretty pleased that I sold a good amount. Most of what I had was cross stitch, stamping and cake decorating. I even sold some tickets for the guild raffle quilt and handed out a few business cards for Darling Jill Quilts!

Today, I have to get more sewing done. I really need to start on the focus blocks for the next Scrap Squad quilt. I am just so nervous about cutting into this fabric. I just need to get it started and not worry about it.

Fabric added this week: 0.00
Fabric added YTD: 56.48

Fabric used this week: 0.63
Fabric used YTD: 99.39

Net Fabric Used: 42.91

Lula got her t-shirt off on Friday. I think that she is feeling better, but she is not having such a great time with M & M. Lula and Maisy got into a vicious fight with blood splattered and smeared on things. It wasn't pretty and tensions have been a little high. I hope that they can start getting along better again very soon!



thea said...

That sounds like a very tiring weekend. I am exhausted without having done all that. Sorry to hear the puppies aren't getting along.

DeeDee said...

You braved the heat and stayed out all day at a yard sale- you so deserved the nap. I am sure things will calm down after a bit with the pups.

Jennifer said...

Glad the sale went well and that Lula is doing ok. Not so glad to hear that she and Maisy are having troubles - hope they can get it together soon!

Jean(ie) said...

Get some sleep... sounds like you need the rest... Hope the girls work this out.

Vic H. said...

Sorry about the dog fight!! Hope it settles down...

Kristie said...

It seems like when "little" dogs fight it is always vicious! My two little dogs do that and it gets crazy sometimes. LOL!

I am loving that fabric! What line is that? For some reason lately, my eyes have been drawn to purples... :)

Unknown said...

Jill I love that print with the flowers on it, cant wait to see how the whole thing looks when finished. Glad you did well at your sale. hope the kids get along soon. Siblings fight at one time or another. Maybe she still isn't feeling all that great after surgery and that might be part of it. Love the Halloween blocks. I still can't get over how cute those mini blocks are and so much detail to be so small. Happy quilting