Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - 10/23

I got 2 blocks done while I was retreating!

Block 51 - Friendship... I messed this one up, but I didn't realize it until I had one side sewn onto the middle section. I decided to leave it because I did both sides that way and I think it makes the block look like an owl or a robot. It's my block, right? I'm going with it! lol

Block 52 - Whirling Pinwheel.. I was so tired of pinning by the time I got to this block that I didn't pin and my center sure shows. But that is what gives it character! Meh... it's close enough!

And did you Midget lovers catch that more Midget blocks are going up weekly? Check this post out! Anyone who wants to join in the Midget fun, blocks 1-50 have been retired and 51-100 will be retired soon so go and save them to your computer!

Does anyone else have any tiny blocks to show?


Jean(ie) said...

Just putting your spin on it. Just sayin...

Jennifer said...

Haha! Love the robot and glad to be linking up for the first time :) Don't hold your breath for next week though!

Amy said...

Looking super great Jill! Pluggin' along; pluggin' along. And THANKS for sharing that more midgets are being posted; I hadn't known. Whoo-hoo