Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Night Sew In Results - 1/25

Darn that Dateline!! I stupidly turned on the TV to keep me company and a new Dateline was on and I got sucked in immediately. I need to leave the TV off.

I ended up knitting on my sock a little.


And eventually, I got a customer quilt pressed and loaded on the frame. It's ready for quilting on Sunday!


As I was pressing, I decided on how it should be quilted. I am hoping that it will give the piecing and embroidery just the right amount of Ooomph while not overpowering the quilt. :)

I also prepped for a Sew In tomorrow with local peeps and I am excited to meet everyone. I am taking 3 projects and hoping that I can work on each one - 2 Midget blocks, 2 pillowcases and Easy Street!

This is how the pups spent most of their evening!



Jennifer said...

You did way more than I did even with the tv off! I was hoping to get a quilt loaded last night, but didn' that is the goal for today. Hope you have fun at your sewin!

thea said...

I hate when that happens. but you still got something done.

Teri said...

Look at the scrap squad quilt all folded nicely on the bed.

Cindy Staub said...

Your socks are wonderful....

Heidi said...

I've been there! But you still made quite a bit of progress. Love the socks too!