Saturday, January 26, 2013

On the Needles - 1/25

I got a bit of stitching done this week as I was watching a movie and some TV earlier in the week. The yarn is a purple varigated Stroll from Knit Picks.


The starting point was not right on the same spot, but I think that I also got myself turned around when I joined the cast on stitches, but the striping is still turning out pretty well.


See what is on other needles at Judy's blog.

Lula spent part of the night this evening silently nagging me for something. I am not sure if she wanted to cuddle or just get on the bed to sleep by herself but she ended up settling for the latter.

Photo: Silent nagging is the worst! She is just in the way every time I move.... Sigh


Jennifer said...

The socks look good!

Beth said...

Love the socks! I have been searching for my "Toe Up Sock" book for a LONG time. When I inherited my DH old IPad and uploaded Kindle, I had purchased the e-copy too. NO excuses now! Don't you wish you had one of those dog collars from Up? I would LOVE to know what my dogs are thinking..and be able to tell them what I want too! rotlf Its raining her today...perfect day for inside projects...

straythreads said...

those socks look great

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

You did a great job with getting them to match!