Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Entry Door

There was some excitement around my house yesterday. I got a new entry door and storm door installed by Home Depot.

Before from the outside.


And from the inside.


The installers were a married couple and they were super nice. The wife was concerned about keeping things clean and keeping drafts from getting in the house. They called to me when they were finished with some steps to let me take pictures.

The view from the inside after he got the door out.


It was a very sunny day, but with a biting wind and it was pretty chilly. By the end of the day, Deanna looked like she was sunburned so I am sure the wind whipping between my building and the next one were rough on her. But she smiled the entire day!

I had some damage to the subfloor which I was aware of, but it was worse than my dad and I thought.

101_1266 101_1267

After they removed the door, they put up plastic to keep the win out of the house. I got this picture because it reminded me of ET! lol


Tom installed a cedar board and then they put some kind of tape over it to help prevent water from settling. Deanna is showing that they put the tape up the wall and down towards the stoop to help direct water out towards the stoop.


And the finish from the outside.


And the inside. For the deadbolt, I got one with a keypad so that I can close the door and it will be locked when I walk the dogs. Now, I won't have to worry about taking a key with me. Woo hoo!


Everything looks great! I will need to paint the inside of the door and the new trim that they put up around the door, but that can wait a few weeks. As long as it is done before guests arrive in April! :)

And the dogs were going crazy. Lula doesn't like to be away from me if I am in the house. When I take garbage out or clean up dog poo, she stands at the door and tries to get out and cries a little. Yesterday, I ended up taking her upstairs with me because she was crying so much and I was trying to get Maisy to stop barking and quiet down herself. I took a video... Poor babies!!


Regina said...

Looks great! We used (Matt used) some of that same kind of wrap under our new front door.

Jennifer said...

It looks great!

Kristie said...

I love your new door! It looks great! I'm sure you are very happy. I know how excited that I get when something like that gets done.

Jean(ie) said...

The door looks great! I miss having a storm door.

Beth said...

I love the arched window! My DH and I gave ourselves 2 new doors and a window for christmas. They will be installed in a few weeks. I have been eyeing the key pad. With a teen in the house, would be nice in case he forgets his key!

Vicky said...

Looks fantatic! Love that you're fixing it all up, one project at a time! And love the pup pictures! While I was playing the video, Penny was whining and staring up at my computer! LOL.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

looks great!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

The door looks great. Sonny sounds like that when he thinks he's going for a ride.