Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - 1/22

Another week, another block! Thank goodness!!

This week, I redrew the blcok #58 which was originally tiny little hexagons. Not my cup of tea!

Instead, I drew Peaceful Hours in EQ. The block came from Block Party by Marsha McCloskey.


And it was anything but peaceful! I don't know why I insist on re-drawing these blocks that will give me y seams or worse!

But here is my block.


Anyone else have any tiny blocks to share?


Jennifer said...

It is smashing! Congrats on another week, another block!

Teri said...

Great job on another block. Did you get your sewing machine?

Melinda said...

very niiiice.

elizabeth said...

cute little block, these still amaze me with all the details to be so small.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Cute! Those tiny pieces would have given me fits.

Jean(ie) said...

What makes "Y"seams so difficult to sew? Just curious. I've never had to do those. Just wondering.

scraphappy said...

Pretty block, not at all hexagon like, but so nice.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...