Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 5/2

I finished two more books this week so I am not at a loss for books to review. :)

Endangered Species is the 5th book in the Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr. Anna is working on Cumberland Island in Georgia as a special assignment for three weeks. It seems that with the loggerhead turtles, things can get hectic on the island while the rangers try to help and protect the turtles and the nests and prevent fires. Hectic enough that when a plane goes down killing the two men on board that Anna needs to investigate.

I enjoy this series and the different national parks that Anna works at. It's interesting to hear the different work that the rangers can do. And Anna certainly gets herself mixed up in some sticky situations!

Spinning Forward by Terri DuLong is a book that I found on one of my libraries' website. I think that I read a blurb about the newest book in the series and started with the first book.

Sydney has recently become a widow and learned that her husband had a severe gambling problem. Their house was foreclosed on and she was homeless so a friend took her in. Sydney packed up her car and moved south to the B&B on an island in the Gulf coast of Florida. And then the struggles to regain her life begin.

I thought this was a good book, but there were a couple of things that bothered me. In the midst of a conversation, Sydney takes the most innocent remarks and flies off the handle about them. She seems to have a lot of anger issues even though she also thinks of herself as even tempered. But the writing of the anger was a bit ridiculous and over whelming at times. Other than that, I enjoyed the book and will be requesting the next to see if Sydney gets any better.

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barb said...

I love anna pigeon books! I have read all of them but this one. Have you read any by jefferson bass? He is the guy that runs the actual body farm in tennesee. Emile richards is a great mystery writer and has a series out about quilt mysteries. Barbara