Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monthly Accomplishments - February 2014

Let's see if I did any better in February...
  1. Quilted a Valentine quilt for Kara
  2. Laid out, assembled and bordered the split nine patch aka gray and black quil
  3. Made the disappearing nine patch blocks, laid out, assembled and bordered a Swanky quilt
  4. Finished the second house and started on the third house on Gingerbread Lanes cross stitch
  5. Quilted Allie's white and brights quilt
  6. Quilted Allie's log cabin'ish quilt
  7. Started a new quilt for a February wedding and got the blocks finished
  8. Started on the Halloween Spooky Sampler cross stitch
  9. Made a Sew Together bag for a donation at work
  10. Quilted the t shirt quilt
And tried to read...
  1. Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
  2. Open Season by C. J. Box
  3. The Missing Dough by Chris Cavender
Definitely a better month with a lot of variety in the projects!

I also planted seeds for snapdragons which I didn't show on my blog. Here are a few sprouts. There are some at least 1" tall now.

My seedlings have started sprouting in the soil pellets (aka chocolate donuts) lol

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Jennifer said...

You are so versatile - quilting, piecing, crossstitch, and gardening!