Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Still here and moving along

I bet you thought that since I haven't posted in a week that I was dropping out of blog world again, didn't you? Well, I am not! The first of the month was last Thursday and the first 3 business days of each month are very busy at the office for me and it doesn't leave me time for much else.

I did find time to get a couple of backings during a sale on Saturday at my local quilt shop. I also got to enjoy lunch with my 2 partners in crime, Gail and Tina. They are the ones who have taken all of the Deb Tucker classes with me since last January. The shop had 20% off for the Super Bowl and I took advantage with 2 extra wide backings. Sweet!

I was able to finish all of the blocks for Road to Llano, project #1 on my 18 in 2018 list. And the UFO number pulled on Judy L's UFO list for February. And since all of the blocks were done, I laid the entire quilt out on the design wall.


I have been working on assembling the rows and then sewing a new finished row onto a section already assembled. One more row for the top half to be fully assembled!

I have been working a little each morning before heading to work on whichever project is on my cutting mat. Two days ago, I turned on my iron and water was spewing from all of the crevices. This isn't the first time that it has happened with that iron and in the past, I would do the anti-calc/cleaning and it would shape up for a few months or a couple of years. This time, the iron kept flipping on the re-heating light even though it should have been hot enough.

I was all prepared to purchase another Rowenta steamer iron! I had looked up the prices on Amazon a few weeks ago and checked out other stores to see if there were better deals. I kept remembering the first steamer that I had that I won in a raffle and how great it was for marathon sewing days... I was ready to take the plunge and buy my own!!

Then, when looking for my missing owl pin cushion, I found a box for the iron under my bed. I pulled the box out and it was not empty - it had a brand new iron, the same model that I have been using. I must have bought a replacement for the iron one of the time that it leaked.


So now, I have a new iron and no need for the steamer. I'm a little bummed, but a little happy that I thought ahead and won't be without a nice hefty iron for any length of time!

One thing that was holding me back while assembling the Llano blocks into the top was that I didn't have a leader/ender project. So I took all of my sock monkey HSTs and put them into blocks.


They will be at least 2 baby size quilts and possibly a lap, but really maybe just a few baby sized.

So that is where I am. There are quite a few things going on behind the scenes that I can't share at this time. All I can say is that I am looking forward to things quieting down a little in a month or so.

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Brooke said...


thanks so much for sharing and for linking up!

Lynette said...

Jill, I keep saying it, but - seriously! - you are completely smoking hot with the Road to Llano. It's so pretty, too. :) Super cute sock monkey pieces.

dq said...

I just love the border on your Road to Liano quilt. Maybe you didn't quite finish but you certainly progressed quite a bit. Progress is good no matter what!

I am also in 18 in 2018 and Judy's number draw. It is so fun!

PaintedThread said...

I love the pattern and the colors of that Road to Llano quilt. So pretty!

Jennifer said...

Road to Llano is looking great - glad you’ve kept your quilting mojo going!