Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The sewing going on and a win

I had big plans for last weekend to wrap up some little things that I had already cut out. I ended up finishing a baby cap and a dish cloth instead. Finally, on Sunday night, Regina and I had a virtual sewing night and I busted some things out!


Sunday, I got a set of 4 coasters and an oven mitt done. The oven mitt was from a pattern - Hot Stuff by Vanilla House designs. I probably would not make another one of these, but it is nice to have this done! I also got 4 place mat tops assembled. I want to quilt them on the frame, but I haven't messed with the frame anymore to quilt anything nice.

Monday, I was productive, too. I added the binding to the Love Crumb quilt that was made with blocks from the Bonnie Hunter class. And I made a very long strip of binding for the place mats.

Tuesday was the River City Quilt Guild meeting and we had a pot luck dinner. We had to take a block that represented the food that we brought. Here's my block...


I made brownies with a smattering of powdered sugar! I met Barb and her aunt, Barb, at Joann's before we went to the library. We were all acting goofy in Joann's and the workers were cracking up with us! Of course, I had to pick up a couple of things.


A cute flannel with paw prints and dog bones on it! I will make pants out of this and they will be so nice in January when I can't wear my Christmas pants anymore! I got the other two to make a couple of goodies.

At the Guild meeting, we had door prizes and I won a magazine! More Fast & Fabulous Quilting Ideas! And Barb brought me some fabric that she found at Joann's. Hunks in costume!! I have enough for 2 pillowcases! One for me and one for the 1,000th post giveaway in a couple of months! lol


Ok, I am off to sew my Christmas hunks into a pillowcase that I can use right now! I will sleep well tonight!!


Myra said...

Love your header photo! Too cute! 8-)

My friends are all making those oven mitts as hostess gifts... They are awesome! Love your snowman fabric! Awesome! 8-)

Michelle Bartels said...

Hey Jill! Lots of pretties on THIS post! Have a great day!

Kristie said...

Well you have certainly been busy! I love the pillow case fabric! Maybe I need one of those, Richard always takes my pillow, maybe if I had that he wouldn't! :)

I agree with you on the oven mitt, I made ONE and that is the only ONE that I will make! :) I made one for practice and that was it!

Mrs Quilty said...

Hi Jill! What a cute header!! I don't think my dachshund would llet me put a hat on him! Adorable! You sure got a lot done! Great job! I think we do well under pressure, huh!! I have been doing it too! Well, Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer said...

Ooohhh, love the suspense for the 1000th post!