Friday, January 11, 2013

On the Needles - 1/11

I'm so proud of myself!! I have been 'do...'ing all week and gotten quite a bit done! I even knitted on my sock on Sunday evening while watching a bit of TV. And then I worked on it again at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Wednesday night.

Toe = DONE!


I even got the ball wound for the next sock to finish the pair!

I'm really on the ball! Get it? On the BALL? ;)

See what other knitters did this week at Judy's blog.

Tonight, I am trying to get things organized so that I can quilt and piece this weekend for Judy's Quiltathon. I also have to referee a game of Who Can Get the New Toy? Max was winning for a while, but he gave up and is napping. Lula is also napping, but she has her head on the toy. I think she wins.

I also signed up for InstaGram this week. If you want to follow me there, my user name is darlingjillquilts.


thea said...

the sock looks great. you really are on the ball!

Teri said...

Looks like you are staying on track. Keep on "do"ing!

Jean(ie) said...

You amaze me, Jill... Seriously! I'm laughing at the pups. Love their antics.

Kathy said...

Whatvis a good online source for yarn.

Kathy said...

Whatvis a good online source for yarn.

Jennifer said...

Good job on the doing - I was going all week and didn't get much of anything done....but I will head downstairs shortly and work on something! Hope the pups are sharing their new toy :)