Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 in Review

After a little encouragement from my quiting buddy Jennifer, I went through my year to see what all I accomplished. I didn't keep track of 2008 so this will be my baseline year. :)

It was quite an exciting year for me! I upgraded to my Janome 6600P in March, met Bonnie Hunter in August and learned to knit in October! Helped organize the April St Jude Retreat and we had our best turnout in the 3 years since it started and raised a great amount of money!! It was awesome meeting some of my blogger friends in person, too!

Hmmmm... I feel like I'm forgetting something....

OH YEAH!!! Brought home a Judge's Choice Ribbon from the Indy Quilt Show in April!!!

OK, onto the breakdown of quilting/sewing for the year. A small disclaimer - since I seem to have so many projects in differing stages of completeness and there are a few that I only quilted without assembling the top, this is broken down a little more than Jennifer's.

My 2009 accomplishments:

Quilts finished this year (either completely finished or that I have finished my part of) - 21
Binding only - 4 (1 baby, 1 lap, 1 table topper, 1 large quilt)
Quilting only - 2 (1 baby, 1 large - Milky Way)
Quilting and binding - 8 (6 baby, 2 large)
Top and binding - 3 (2 lap, 1 large - Wizard of Oz One Block Wonder)
Top and quilting - 2
Complete quilts - 2 (Cafe Au Lait and commissioned dog quilt)

Quilted for others - 5 (1 baby, 3 lap, 1 twin)
Tops assembled, not quilted - 7 (2 baby, 2 lap, 3 large)
Blocks made for 4 other quilts, but the top assembly has not begun yet. There were also blocks made for 4 comfort quilts throughout the year and 10 blocks for various Guild functions.

Bags - 4
Wall hangings, table runners - 3
Place mats - 15

And Miscellaneous sewing-
Pants - 4 pairs
Pillowcases - 12
Tool Caddy's - 6
Wallets - 7
Rice bags - 23
Coasters - 7 sets
Thread Catcher - 1
Block Butlers - 5
Oven Mitt - 1

Knitted 10 dishcloths and 2 baby caps and crocheted a decorative edging on fleece for a lovely blanket.

Oh and it should be added that of all of this, 8 of the quilts that I completed were for my Guild's Kid Komforts that go to needy children, the 2 baby caps will be donated to a local hospital's NICU unit and the crocheted blanket will go to Project Linus.


Regina said...

Wowwee! That's a lot of work! What a great year! I know a few of my quilts were in your "quilted for others" - and I get WOW comments on the quilting every time someone comes by the house and sees them!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

You go girl!! I wish that I could say that I have done that much this year.. wait if I count the dr's appts and therapy would that make me sound productive? Smiles Great job!!

Brenda said...

Wow..... do I need to say more???

Laura said...

Wow and wow! What an amazing list of accomplishments and congrats on the Judge's Choice award. That quilt is awesome...I can see why they chose it.

Oh, and don't you just love your Janome 6600? Getting that machine was the turning point in my quilting. Decent equipment makes all the difference in the world.

Jamie W said...

Well you differently got me beat!! I only got 5 quilts done in 2009.

Speaking of the retreat... is there going to be one this year?

Linda and Piwacket said...

Holy cow, girlfriend. I'm tired just reading the list! Well done, Jill. You're amazing.

Libby said...

WOW!! You rock!

Beth said...

Wooohooooo! What a great year! You go girl :)

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Geez, I need a nap after reading all of that! Way to go!

Jennifer said...

Very nice list!

Kristie said...

You have been one busy lady this year!! Great Job!!!

Michelle said...

Great job! I'm not even going to try. I would only embarrass myself.
be blessed,